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Digital Magazines

Digital Magazines
Read your favorite magazines from your computer, tablet, or mobile device!Zinio Logo
  • More than 100 magazines
  • Available 24/7
  • Enhanced with interactive features
  • No subscription limits and no expiration
  • Free to any OPL card holder

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Getting Started

    The service requires the creation of two free accounts – an OPL-Zinio account to browse the collection, and a account for reading magazines online or on a Zinio Reader app on your computer or mobile device. We recommend using the same email address and password for both.

    New User?

    Follow these steps to create your free OPL-Zinio account to browse the collection.

    1. Connect to Zinio Digital Magazines using your browser.
    2. Enter your library card number and PIN.
    3. Click or tap the link in the upper right to Create New Account
    4. On the subsequent screen, enter the required information then tap or click the Create Account button.
    5. A welcome message will be sent to the email address you entered on the create new account screen.
    6. Begin browsing the collection.
    Returning User?

    Follow these steps to log in using your OPL-Zinio account.

    1. Connect to Zinio Digital Magazines using your browser.
    2. Enter your library card number and PIN.
    3. Click or tap the link in the upper right to Log in and enter your account information.
    4. Begin browsing the collection
    Selecting and Reading Magazines
    Follow these steps to checkout and read magazines using your account.
    1. Connect to Zinio Digital Magazines using your browser, enter your library card and PIN.
    2. Browse the collection for a magazine that you'd like to checkout.
    3. Click on a cover of a magazine to select it.
    4. Click on "Check Out" and log into your OPL-Zinio account.
    5. To start reading your magazine now, click or tap on Start Reading
    6. New Users: Use this link to Create a account or use the link on the screen.
      Returning users: Log in with your account information.
    7. Read your magazines online or deliver it to a Zinio Reader app.
    8. Use you account to register the app and read magazines on your device.

    View the complete online User Guide or watch the How-To Video for more information. 

    Note: You may receive messages from Zinio regarding your Zinio account. These messages are not from OPL, and do not affect the terms of your library account. OPL never solicits purchases or charges any fees for the use of digital library material.

    Get the Zinio app for:

    PC     |     Mac     |     iPhone/iPad     |     Android     |     Kindle Fire*     |     Blackberry Playbook

    1. Download the Zinio app
    2. Open the app and tap the settings icon
    3. Sign in with your free account
    4. While in your settings, choose to set your homescreen to the Read section which will show you your checked out magazines.

    *Kindle Fire: some patrons are reporting that they are unable to find Zinio in the Amazon AppStore. Here is a workaround.

    The Zinio app cannot be used to browse the Library's free Zinio magazine collection. Library patrons must view and subscribe to magazines using the browser on a computer or smart device! Patrons must be 17 to use the app on a tablet or mobile device.

    Use the "Read" tab of the Zinio app to view the Library magazines checked out.


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